AOTO as a Co-editor of The Metaverse Era, Ultra HD Video and Audio Technology White Paper which is Officially Launching

14 | 04 | 2023

In May 30th, at 10th forum of China Network Audiovisual Conference Metaverse Digital Real Integration Development, UWA union has officially launched the book The Metaverse Era, Ultra HD Video and Audio Technology White Paper. AOTO is honored to be one of the co-editors of this book, alongside with China Mobile, ZTE, Tencent, Huawei, CCTV, China Telecom and so on.

UHD video and audio technology is one of the underlying technologies of the Metaverse. The application of the Metaverse cannot do without the support of UHD video and audio technology. This not only brings new challenges to UHD video and audio technology, but also promotes the development of UHD video, it has entered a new stage.

This book is the first technical white paper for the Metaverse era in the field of ultra-HD video and audio, it covers the classic scenarios analysis including retail, pan-entertainment, cultural tourism games, social networking, education, government affairs, industry, etc., bringing new demands to immersive audio-visual experience, real-time multi-dimensional interaction, efficient content production and the management of large-scale online users etc. This white paper establishes new standards toward HD video and audio technology in the Metaverse era.

As an enterprise closely related to the Metaverse, in recent years, AOTO has embarked on a journey of exploring the Metaverse from small-pitch LED displays, 64K controllers, XR virtual production, and virtual digital humans, especially after the establishment of the subsidiary Gargantua in 2021, AOTO has accelerated the pace of marching into the Metaverse, expanding the company's XR virtual production technologies from large-scene studios to small-scene live broadcast rooms, in order to create the entrance to the Metaverse in real-life.

Up to now, AOTO has created two major business segments related to the Metaverse: XR virtual production and virtual digital humans. Moreover, AOTO has reached agreements with many world-renowned companies such as Tencent, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, and well-known Hollywood film teams.