AOTO Showcased Innovative LED Solutions at ISE 2023

03 | 02 | 2023

2023, January 31- Barcelona, Spain, ISE 2023, the world's largest and most professional audio-visual integration technology exhibition has formally kicked off. AOTO is at booth 3A850 showcasing a full line of upgraded technologies and integrated solutions, which include XR studio and virtual production solutions, digital signage displays, sports displays, and newly released outdoor advertisement products. 2023 marks not only the 30th anniversary of the founding of AOTO but also the 18th time that the company has taken part in the ISE.


XR Immersive Virtual Studio

The most eye-catching feature of the booth was the large-scale virtual studio and XR stage, which used a total of 144 RM1.5E panels as the back group wall and M3.7H as the ceiling to create a virtual shooting scene; AOTO XR solutions can be used for virtual production, video shooting, and TV studio. As one of the first companies in the industry to launch XR virtual solutions, AOTO has been successfully cooperated with a well-known film production company to create over 40 XR Studios around the world. 2023, AOTO will continue to make efforts to deliver more value to customers with high-quality LED panels, especially the premiere RM1.5 specially designed for the LED Wall and meet the needs of high-end professional virtual studios, the dot pitch is 1.5mm with 400K pixels per square meter, ultra HD display makes it an excellent choice.



Digital signage displays  

From indoor signage and video walls to micro LED, interactive and standalone displays—ranging from Full HD to 8K UHD resolution—AOTO offers digital display screens and solutions for virtually any business need. At the exhibition, AOTO displayed a collection of cutting-edge LED products including CV0.9, CV1.2, COB0.7, SID108, and others. One of the most impressive was a 136-inch ultra-high-definition all-in-one machine with P0.9 high-density display product. Using the full flip-chip COB process, it has superb display effect, great flatness and stronger protection, eye protection 4K ultra-high definition, no dead angle, and color cast, and restores natural colors.



Newly-released Outdoor Advertising Machine

At the ISE show, AOTO launched the AU1.8 outdoor All-in-one LED machine, which can be used at bus stops, street sides, and other outdoor places for public information release and media engagement. AU All-in-one LED machine delivers real-to-life, eye-catching picture quality and captures the attention of passersby. The product innovative adopts common cathode technology, which saves energy, reduces power loss of LED display, reduces operating costs, and GOB flip chip to greatly improve the stability of the entire display system. For outdoor applications, it has good protection reach to IP65 and heat dissipation; the excellent product performance can support 24-hour uninterrupted work.


Micro-LED-Based Display Technologies

The demand for high-performance displays is continuously increasing because of their wide range of applications in virtual reality, and naked eye 3D projection. AOTO is committed to becoming an industry benchmark in the field of commercial display, providing high-quality product development and providing system solutions. After the Micro P0.4 was successfully introduced at ISE 2020, 3 years later, AOTO showcased the newly developed next-generation display technology Micro-LED P0.3 at ISE 2023, which is now the LED module with the smallest pixel pitch in the industry. AOTO has been able to successfully make a breakthrough in the exact application of MIP (Micro LED in Package) and mass transfer technology; the panel blanketed a deep black background with perfect uniformity, effectively creating a seamless canvas for purer black levels. Traditional liquid crystal displays and organic LED-based display technologies can be replaced by the micro-LEDs (light-emitting diodes) display, which offers remarkable qualities such as low power consumption, wider color range, and longer lifetime.


Sports LED Solutions

In 2022, The Qatar World Cup, the most popular sporting competition in the world, came to a close on December 18.  The LED Screen at the stadium is provided by the Chinese manufacturer. At ISE show, AOTO displayed their best-selling SP0V perimeter screen, SR10 grandstand screen, and SID150 all-in-one system. The AOTO sports Digital display has supported the successfully organized tournament as well as many amazing football matches for FIFA, the European Football Association, the Asian Football Association, and the Chinese Football Association.