Working Energetically with AOTO CV All-in-one LED Solution

07 | 12 | 2020

AOTO – a leading global manufacturer of deluxe visual display systems – has announced that its CV All-in-one LED solution has been introduced into the US market, specially designed for the conference room.



Compared with the basic mini LED series products, AOTO CV all-in-one structure design ensures the cableless connection within the cabinets, efficiently saving space, and support convenient transportation. Integrated with the infrared touch frame and other electronic equipment, like the speaker and the camera, the all-in-one design tends to be more practical and multifunctional.


To capture and hold the attention of the audience, the display is controllable directly via computer, PC tablet, or mobile phone, enabling participants to access and interact with data in a multitude of ways, with interaction possible via remote conferencing, screen sharing, and as a whiteboard. Interaction is further simplified for participants via code scanning which enables convenient sharing of information and simultaneous information saving so that all participants can access the discussed and final data. Low latency, touch screen capabilities are conferred by the fine pixel pitch (down to 1.5 mm). The responsive display enhances conference efficiency, teamwork, and idea-sharing as the on-screen, visual presentation elements can be moved and arranged to give greater meaning or clarity to the presentation



On the basis of the technical merits of Mini LED, the CV all-in-one LED solution delivers more uncompromised visual effects. Almost 180-degrees promise the contents can be viewed perfectly from anywhere. Enhanced viewing comfort is afforded by the HDR display series and its 6000:1 contrast ratio which assures a soft and even output that is easy to view over extended periods. The Ultra-High-Resolution display also reduces the moiré effect that contributes to viewing fatigue.


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